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Office furniture and fittings.

The project for Money Republics office was our first commission from Storm Creative. They designed and project managed the refurbishment of the office from first fix through to completion. We were asked to create some of the furniture and fittings for the office.

The first phase was to produce the handrail and balustrade for around the staircase. We fabricated this in box section steel, flattened all of the welds and powder coated it in the desired finish. At this stage we also produced the conference table. This was the same principal as the balustrade, and for the top we installed 10mm toughened glass with a coloured sprayed back, held in place with stainless steel and rubber suction pads.

The second phase was to build and install the bathroom cabinet. It was constructed from white gloss panels fixed to a timber frame. We sat the frame up off of the floor to ensure it would never sit in any water spillage that could occur. The frame was also treated with a highly durable polyurethane varnish, similar to what is often used on yachts. During this phase as well, we took the internal doors and applied a grey laminate upon them, and then re hung.

The final phase was the construction and installation of a full height cupboard that spanned 3.5 metres. This was finished in the same grey laminate as we applied to the doors. It featured touch open doors to ensure clothing wouldn't be snagged on handles as it is positioned in a narrow walkway.

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